simply smarter savings

simply smarter savings

online savings account


  • 7x higher than the national rate**
  • No fees for anything
  • $5,000 minimum deposit

online CD account (1yr)


  • Terms: 1yr, 2yr, 3yr, 4yr & 5yr
  • Lock in a fixed rate in under 5 minutes
  • $5,000 minimum deposit

CD options:


11m Liquid CD0 % APY

lock in a fixed rate
and unlock your funds
with no penalty

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CD Ladders
0.10-0.25% APY* Options

flexibility through 
more frequent access
to your funds

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why you'll like Access


Why save with Citizens Access?

We are not only 100% committed to providing the best savings experience and market-leading rates, we’re also backed by deep institutional knowledge – Citizens Bank, N.A., has been supporting customers for 190 years with over $150 billion in assets.  So while we are new, our roots are not. And with FDIC insurance, leading security practices, and absolutely no promotional rates or fees, you’ll get smarter, simpler, secure savings… period.

What products does Citizens Access offer?

We offer an Online Savings account in addition to Online Certificates of Deposits (CDs) with some of the best rates available in order to help you earn more and achieve your savings goals.

How does Citizens Access offer such great rates?

We are a digital, online only bank. We designed our business to minimize our costs, which means we are cashless, paperless and have no physical bank branches. Instead of pocketing these savings for ourselves, we have committed to consistently offer our customers some of the best rates available.

"No fees, for anything."  Really?

That's right!  Unlike most banks, Citizens Access charges zero fees, no account opening or maintenance fees, and no ancillary service fees. No fees for anything.

No branches? How do I access my money?

No branches allows us to deliver you some of the best rates available, but being a digital bank doesn't mean you can't access your funds. Simply link your account to your account(s) at other financial institutions and set up a one-time or recurring electronic transfer (transfer restrictions apply) or, if you prefer, you can also call us and request a check made out to you.

How do I log in as a Beta Pilot tester?

Click here to log in to our Beta Pilot testing program.

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