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simply smarter savings


savings calculator

If you invest

and add


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your interest in 5 yrs:

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Liquid CD comparison

if you invest

open 11m CD

your est. interest earnings^ in 11 months:

Bank APY* Est. Interest Earnings
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^Interest earned is calculated from the corresponding APY assuming interest earned is compounded daily and remains on deposit for 330 days. For illustrative purposes only.

CD rate comparison

if you invest

in a


CD, you'll earn:

Open [term] CD

you'll earn:

Bank APY* Annual Interest Earnings
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APY assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity date.

CD ladder calculator

if you invest

for a


CD ladder

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potential interest earned after [term] years:

CD ladder

1yr CD (Renewed Annually)

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The above calculations are based on your initial investment amount and today’s rates.  Rates of future CD rollovers will reflect current market conditions at that time.

how to build a CD ladder


steps to build a CD ladder

  1. Divide your total investment across multiple CDs with different maturity terms.
  2. At maturity of each CD, reinvest earnings into the longest-term CD within your ladder.
  3. After the 1st rollover, CDs will automatically renew for the same term at maturity.

5 year CD ladder: a simple example

total investment = $25,000

need funds?
In this example, you could withdraw $5,000 plus interest earned annually as your CDs mature.