simply smarter savings

simply smarter savings

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committed to providing the best savings experience.

So tell us how we can exceed your expectations. We’re all ears.

what we're all about

We built Citizens Access from the numbers up, as an alternative to traditional banks and short-term promotional offers.  When it comes to saving, numbers are all that matter. That’s why we offer access to a secure digital experience where you can simply save more.

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“Access” is our name and our guiding principle–we use it to inform everything we do. No forms, no fees, no unnecessary fine print. We removed these hassles to give you access to a simple digital experience enabling you to save in the smartest way possible.

Thanks so much for saving with us.

John Rosenfeld | President

we're new, but our roots aren't.

We’re backed by Citizens Bank, N.A. They’ve been around for 190 years and have over $150 billion in assets. This allows us to give you access to higher rates so you can more easily reach your goals.

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our team

John Rosenfeld


Jeff LeBlanc

Chief Operating Officer

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Product Development

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Customer Experience

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Chad Greene

Pricing & Analytics