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Moving My Money

How do I move money into my Citizens Access account?

You can easily move money into Citizens Access account(s) in one of two ways: 

1. Online Funds Transfer  - Using the routing number and account number of your checking or savings account at another U.S. financial institution, you can link that external account to Citizens Access and then make an online transfer into your Citizens Access account. 

2. Deposit a check - Ensure the check is made payable to you from another U.S. financial institution (no foreign checks). Endorse the back of the check with your signature, your Citizens Access account number and "For Deposit Only to Citizens Access" on the endorsement line. You can deposit your check by signing into your account from your phone and selecting "Deposit a Check" from the Move Money menu and follow the on screen prompts. Alternatively, you can mail your check to us at the following address:

Citizens Access
PO Box 6801
Carol Stream, IL 60197- 6801

Please note, you can only make a deposit to a CD when you open the account. Additionally, we will not accept cash deposits or wire transfers. All deposits to your accounts, regardless of how they are made, are subject to verification, final payment and our Funds Availability policy.

When do my deposits start earning interest?

Deposits made to your Citizens Access account will begin to accrue interest as soon as they are deposited.

When will my funds be available for withdrawal?

Funds from electronic direct deposits originated from third parties to your account will be available on the Business Day we receive the deposit, while funds credited to your account as a result of ACH debits originated by you with us will generally be available on the 5th Business Day following the credit to your account.

Check deposits made using Mobile Deposit will generally be available on the 4th Business Day after the Business Day we receive your deposit. In some cases we may delay availability of your deposit until the 7th Business Day after the Business Day of your deposit. Funds availability rules set forth in the Federal Reserve's Regulation CC do not apply to checks deposited using Mobile Deposit. See also your Online and Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions for more information.

For more details on our Funds Availability policy, please review our Deposit Account Agreement.

How do I link an external account?

Using the routing number and account number of your checking or savings account that you own at another U.S. financial institution, you can link that external account to Citizens Access. In most cases, the account is linked automatically. If not, we will guide you through the process to verify your account ownership. 

How will Citizens Access verify that an external account is mine?

Depending on your bank, we may be able to instantly verify that you are an account owner of the external account you are trying to link. If instant verification is unavailable, we offer two alternative ways to link your account. One will require that you sign into your external account utilizing your log in credentials for that account. Depending on your bank, they might also ask for a security code or additional verification. Don't worry, we won't store any of the information required to log into your external account. 

The alternative is to use trial deposits where we will send you two small deposits which will be deposited into your external account within 1-3 business days. Once you see them, sign into your Citizens Access account, select "Verify Deposit" and enter the exact deposit amounts. Once you have verified the trial deposits, your external account will be linked and you can easily transfer money between it and any of your Citizens Access accounts.

Can I set up a recurring transfer?

Citizens Access offers the ability to transfer money in or out of your account at a frequency of your choosing. To establish a recurring transfer, sign into your Citizens Access account, select Transfer In & Out under the Move Money menu, and follow the prompts to establish a recurring transfer. Refer to our Deposit Account Agreement for details on withdrawal limitations.

Can I get an ATM card, debit card, or checks to withdraw funds?

Since our savings accounts are designed to help you achieve your savings goals and are not intended to replace your everyday transactional accounts, we have elected to refrain from offering ATM cards, debit cards or checks at this time. However,  we are open to offering them in the future if we hear they are important to our customers. We'd love to hear from you if you have suggestions on how we can better help you attain your savings goals. Please email us at with your recommendations.

Are there dollar limits on the amount of money I can transfer?

There are no limits when transferring money via our call center team. However, for your security, we place limits on transfers you initiate online to and from your Citizens Access accounts.  For incoming transfers, you can transfer up to $1,000,000 daily and up to $5,000,000 within any rolling 30-day window.  For outgoing transfers, you can transfer up to $250,000 on a daily basis and $1,000,000 within any rolling 30-day window.  If you would like to make a transfer that exceeds these limits, please call us at 1-888-201-6505.